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Urban Pest Bird Controlled Shooting

We can fix your pigeon and pest bird problem where pest control companys have failed. Humane controlled shooting, includes police and local council approval, includes safe work statement and risk assessment.

We do not use poisons in urban areas, as they may end up destroying native or non target species. The use of poisons may effect your business and safe food areas. We humanely dispose of all destroyed birds, ensuring there is no trace left that may disturb customers and tenants, unlike some methods such as poisoning.

Our services in pigeon removal can help with your health and safety policy standards to ensure a safe workplace. The best time bird shooting is at night when the birds are roosting, and best discretion from the general public.  


We are fully licenced and insured to conduct controlled shooting in urban areas. Controlled shooting ensures that only targeted species are rid from your area. The condition of the urban shooting licence states; that lethal control can only be used by an authorised person, and where non-lethal methods of control have first been tried, and have failed, or where they are impractical. RJMVPC is one of the very few 'authorised persons' approved by the firearms registry to conduct feral animal shooting in urban areas.

This method is best used in conjunction with a trapping program for larger numbers of birds to ensure effective pigeon removal.

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