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Urban Pest Animal Control

We can tailor a vertebrate pest animal plan for your needs. Including trapping , shooting, monitoring and complex risk assessments. We cater for councils, golf courses, marinas, schools, shopping centres, industrial areas warehouses, nursery's and vineyards, real estate and body corporate. 

At RJMVPC we are fully licenced and equiped to conduct non-lethal and lethal control methods in urban areas and we are approved by Local Council and Police. Our control methods in urban areas are provided with a comprehensive risk assessment and will suit your area for control with little to no disturbance of daily activities and discretion from public view. We abide by all government and state legislation and laws in regards to the humane treatment of animals, and follow the Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection and RSPCA's guidelines in animal control.


Some of our methods include monitoring and surveillance, trapping, pyrotechnic non-lethal dispersal and scare devices, controlled shooting, dangerous animal transport, damage mitigation permits, native animal re-location and property reports.

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